Remove Links from Numbered Look Up list?

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I am trying to make a multi-select lookup column into plain text using .totext(), then trying to make it into a numbered list using .numberedlist(), but the list seems to break and only turn into one line.

Here is what it looks like, vs what I’d like it to look like, minus the links to each of the test items.

What it looks like using the above:

What I’d like it to look like, minus the links to each test item:

I’ve tried to change the order of the .totext() and the .numberedlist() but to no success. :thinking:

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Welcome to the Coda community - Would you mind posting an example document? It not only helps the community get you the help you need quicker but it also helps future viewers of this post to better learn from the solutions provided.

Throw up an example doc and I’d be happy to help out!


Let me know if you have any trouble accessing this! :smiley:

Got it for you! Its a small little change you need to make

If you look at the screenshot above - that green ITEMS chip has a little icon in it. Each and every icon in a formula chip means something. The specific icon in the green chip is telling you:

Hey Jad! The data you are pulling in through this little green chip is a list of rows.

Row values hold within them every column value from the table they are a part of and you can access the specific column values by chaining them out with a .

When you were adding toText() to the end of the chip initially it was changing the value of the green chip from a list of rows to a simple text value. Hence why when you did NumberedList() on the value as a text it only resulted in a single item.

Hopefully that helps!

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Yup! That was it!! :muscle:

This totally makes sense!
Thank you for breaking that down for me! :smile:
I was absolutely overthinking it!

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