Lookup is showing up as error

Hi everyone! I’m having trouble here with a lookup. Context: I have two columns in a table that contain links and I have them as a lookup in a separate table seen in the screenshot below. I was able to get them into the new table by using a crossdoc and then added a lookup BUT there’s a red flag that says cannot convert value to specified format.

New Table

Everything is fine where the link shows up but I want to get rid of the red warning. Can anyone please help? Thanks!

Can you show us screenshots for formulas on this columns?

Hi Scott! There’s no formula. This column is a lookup from another table that looks exactly the same.

Screen Shot 2023-04-14 at 4.09.07 PM

What you have going on is a classic Coda Formula Chip issue!

notice the little LINK icon with a shadowed link behind it? That is an indication to you that the TYPE of data you are pulling into your column is a LIST of values. Specifically a list of link values as opposed to a single link.

Link column types expect a single value - aka a single link. Just like how email columns expect a single email, not a list of emails.

In Coda lists can be still be lists EVEN THOUGH those lists only contain a single value.

How do you fix this?
String a first() to the end of your code (Job code.Juro.first()) to turn what was previously a list into a single value

How can I avoid mistakes like this in the future?
Brush up on Coda data types! I’ve made a free guid that details coda data chips and icons in length! Check it out below, Im sure it will help unlock some things for you as you build :point_down:

That was super helpful, thank you so much!

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