Using a Form to populate its respective table, that can be used to modify rows in a another table in the same doc

Hello everyone :wave:

Originally, I was using Cross-Doc to import synched table data into a my Form page, but I was running into so many problems, I just decided to scrap that and further simplify - hence the edits.

My use case:
I have a form, which can be filled out with basic information to requests access to things. The 3 most important inputs are Name, Access Level, and Asset. These inputs use “Lookup” Columns to grab lists of personnel (Name) from “Test People Table” and a list of assets (Asset) from “Test Asset Table”. Once the form is filled and submitted, its respective Format Results table is populated. Once the form request is reviewed, I’d like to use a Button to trigger an update to the row in “Test Asset Table” and update columns User and/or Admins.

Below is my formula I used on the button (just trying to get Users working for right now), but I keep getting “no action taken”:

ModifyRows([Test Asset Table].Filter([Test Asset Table].Name=thisRow.Asset),[Test Asset Table].Users,thisRow.Name)

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