Is it possible to have a button change the select list?

Simple question, is it possible to have a button change a select list? I’m trying to create an “app” look and am having the button navigation change the filters on one page, instead of creating three separate pages with different filters? So if possible, what would the basic formula look like?

If I understand correctly, you want to change the Current Selected Option of a Select list column by using a button (?), if that’s it, you might wanna try something like this :slight_smile:

ModifyRows([Books 📚].Filter(Title=thisRow.[Books 📚].Title AND Status="Reading 📖"),Status,"Completed 📚"))

(It comes from my reading tracker where Status is my select list column)

In this formula :

  • [Books 📚] is the table where the select list you want to modify is
  • The first part of the Filter() : Title=thisRow.[Books 📚].Title is just a filter for selecting the right row in the table where the select needs to be changed (You can add as many filters you need)
  • The second part of the Filter() : AND Status="Reading 📖" was to get the “current selected option” in the select list and needed to be changed
  • The last part of the formula just says what column needs to be “updated” by ModifyRows() and by what it should be updated.

But, there’s a con doing this in this way, if later, you decide to change the Selectable Options in your select list, you’ll need to change it in your formula too, especially the “current status” part : Status="Reading 📖"

I hope this is what you were looking for :sweat_smile:

You cannot change the value in a control (i.e. a select list right in the section), but you can make a table with one row and one column that would be your select list, and ModifyRows() on that table.


Alternatively, make it a Layout to give it more form-like view. You can then put multiple controls there:

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