Button to change "Select" to next option

Hey guys.
Im trying to make a button that changes a selected value on a Select list to its next value, as an example:

When i click on the button on the first column, it’d change to Option B and, if clicked again, it’d change to Option C. Is there any way to do this?

Hi @Pedro_Jimenez
Of course !

  • First, it’s better and cleaner if you make your status as table data like this. It will create a lookup link to your new “Status” table, allowing you to get data from this table.

  • Then, define a custom order, so that each time you click, you’ll go the next proposal. Also, get this information in your main table as lookup, it will make the next formula a little bit easier :wink:

  • So, each time you click you want to call the status with Order = Current Order + 1, except if the current order is equal to the maximum value, in this is case you want to go back to 1

  • So Write this formula ;), that will - Modify the status of the row stauts. If the current order is equal to your status database count (in example 3), then you’ll call the status with order = 1, otherwise, you call the status with order = current order + 1

Here you go ! Just Hide your Order Column in the main table and that’s it !
CPT2211251032-882x600 (1)

And the doc !

This is actually great, thanks for your help and seeing you’re always able to help when i need it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Pedro, it’s a true pleasure to give a hand on the community when i can :wink:

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