How to Make Button to Change Select List

Hello everyone,

does anyone know any solution to this problem I have encountered?

I wanted to make an upgrade button, which would upgrade Status (select list) of the row. It would work like this:
I have select list with four possibilities of importance: Low, Medium, High, Must do. Whenever I click the button, it would upgrade the select list, so from Low it would change to Medium and so on.

I have tried to put this formula into the button, but it does not work.

If(thisRow.State=“Low”,thisRow.State=“Medium”,If(thisRow.State="Medium"and thisRow.State!=“Low”,thisRow.State=“High”,thisRow.State=“Must do”))

Thank you for your time

Dear @Tomas_Kult,

One approach is as explained below: :bulb:

The formula used in the button is: :eyes:
SwitchIf(thisRow.Importance="Low","Medium",thisRow.Importance="Medium","High",thisRow.Importance="High","Must Do")

I hope this solution supports you developing your project.



Thank you very much. I appreciate it.