Select specific option from a list based on another select list option in the same table

I want to do a quite simple thing but I can’t make it happen.
I have Table1 with different unit costs and that is connected to Table2.
In Table2 I want simply when I select “Individual project” in the Name column, Column 2 automatically switch to “Individual” option. If it is not Individual project then “Group”.

I try to do an If Formula as a filter in Table2 Column2 but it doesn’t work.

Do you have any tip what am I missing?

Here is the doc:

Thanks a lot!

Hi Tamas,

I hope this give you some ideas:
I have three tag tables, in which I build a hierarchy. Each lower level only shows entries based on the upper level, i.e. when tag 1 has anniversary selected, Tag 2 will only show Birthdate and Wedding.

And in the table you use the classification system, you set up relation tables as below:

Here is the doc where the screenshots come from:

Shout if you have further questions.

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