Defining the options of a Select List in a Table based on values of a row in another Table

I have two tables, the first table is called Table 1 and has two columns Priority and League. The second table is called Table 2 and has three columns League, Award, and Heart.

I want to be able to add rows (i.e Awards) to Table 2 but only have the option of selecting a League value that has a Priority of “P0” in Table 1, effectively a “Select List” column type with just Bundesliga and La Liga.

Hey @bouillabaisse! I wonder if you’ve checked out this post? Apples & Oranges: select items using an advanced category filter. Is this possible? - #5 by Dalmo_Mendonca
The solution seems to fit a similar use case as this, so that could be worth taking a look at!

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