Filtering Option in select-list based on value in row

Dear all!
Hope my question doesnt sound stupid. I coordinate several projects with “work-packages” and associated deliverables, milestones etc.
I would like to enter the “deliverables” in a table, associate each deliverable with a project (I do this via lookup) and then associate each deliverable with a “work-package” (for which there is a separate table).
Since all the workpakages are in one table (which assigns each work-package a project via lookup), the number of choices gets quite huge, when I use look-up or select-list-type. I would like to restrict the number of choices offered as a potential value when I assign each deliverable a work-package based on the project I determined in the same row.
eg: I choose the project “bee-protection” (via lookup from the project-table) to the deliverable “guidance to protect bees” . In the next coloumI would like to assign this to a workpackage and I only want workpackages from “bee-protection” show up as potential choices.
Is this possible or should I separate the tables or whatever?

Dear @Sven_Schulz, welcome :handshake:

I’m rather sure that this post is giving you the right direction

Apples & Oranges: select items using an advanced category filter. Is this possible?

Many, many thanks! This will also for sure help me to get into the functionality of the formula-language. Really very much appreciated!!

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Hi @Sven_Schulz

Not sure if you paid attention to this:

Much more simple approach :grinning: