Is there a way to filter a table and show the results in a select list?

Hi there! Sorry for the simple question. I have a static table 1 that has Person | Role in the company. In table 2, I have a column that is filtering the static table 1 based on Role.

Right now, it’s displaying all the Persons as bubble icons in the select column. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

Hi Mattics

Could you explain a little more about what you want the system to do?
Do you want the column to be a select column, so that you can use it to select info from a drop down list?
Do you want the little bubble icons to go away?
Or something different?


Hi @Piet_Strydom ! So I filtered from another table “me” and “you”. Instead of showing bubble icons, I would like for those two to appear in a select list. Is that possible?

You have two contradictory requirements - to filter (have the system decide the entries), and to have a select list (manually select the entries).

In business language, what is it that you want to do?

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I added a select (relation) column to your doc that does what I think you are trying to achieve. In the filter, make sure you see an understand the difference between Currentvalue and thisRow.


Thank you @joost_mineur and @Piet_Strydom for your comments! Joost’s solution is exactly what I’m looking for, thank you so much!

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