Better Icons In Coda

I love using the new custom icons. You can create some great navigation & UI:

What I dont love is when my black icons look like this in dark mode:

Theres no real way to optimise for this now and its quite annoying knowing that users of my templates may confuse themselves if they have dark mode on. It destroys accessibility.

Some other things I’d love icons to do:

  1. Bulk upload. It makes using libraries very hard.
  2. The ability to set dark / white variants for light and dark mode.
  3. Have a simple slider that says “optimise for dark mode?” If you slide it to the right then we can just apply a basic “CCS:Invert” rule to make my black icon white and optimised for dark mode. I think this is quite a light lift
  4. Allow me to use my custom icons with buttons ← Opens up a lot of design options!
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Having the exact problem currently! I have to work around by giving some sort of grayish color, not ideal :pensive:

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Seconded! Icons are an important part in workspace interface design, which can greatly improve the perception of information and make the user experience a bit more pleasant.

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