Blocks and easier ways to add great tools in canvas and tables (beware, competitor highlight 🙈)

+1 here!
This would be the north star for Coda :slight_smile: Think how easy it will become to create nice executive summaries, nice reports to business, presentations (sort of)… everything dynamic and from data…

but before that…

this would be accomplished initially with the introduction of a “Stupid Table”…
well… I think we might have two kind of tables:

  1. A DB Table (like in Notion) which essentially acts like a DB (source of data) like it is now
  2. A “stupid” Table: It’s a table that is very very stupid (like an HTML table) but where we can insert different blocks/media in cells (charts, bullet list, controls, video, etcs) and everything can be resizable

with the 2), we can achieve in a naive way a simple layout in Canvas.

Now Coda offers Layout (but they apply only to Tables and it’s not possible to insert charts inside for example)… ideally Layouts should be available in the canvas