Feature Suggestion - Widget with @mentions from other Rows or Sections

I know I have been posting a lot about this throughout the community, but this remains a major piece feature I’d like to see in Coda, and I believe many others users would make good use of it.

This is an idea to try to use Rows themselves to “substitute” for some of the functionality that “Blocks” provide in Notion, and now as many of us are observing, the new app Roam. Some of that is discussed here:

And here:

I am not sure about the viability of Blocks ever coming to Coda. I have never seen them mentioned officially, and I feel like they would be incorporated somehow already if the Product Team had interest.

A lot of the benefit from Roam and Notion with blocks is to get reference to some material in a block, within another area of that app. If in Coda we approach Rows as Blocks for this purpose, I think we could get some similarly useful functionality in Coda that is currently missing:

  • Since we can already seamlessly @mention any part of a doc in a row, section, or comments, I think a simple way to get that reference into the mentioned row would be just an area in the row that would assimilate these mentions.

  • In this “widget” area of a row with the mentions, you allow the same mousing-over that is currently available to get a full view of a row.

  • Perhaps you could configure the link to display one or two columns’ worth of information, which would then provide, at a glance, view of all the places you’ve mentioned the Row around Coda.

This would be a concept roughly similar to how Roam does it:

Aha also does this well, a collection of related links just listed with a few attributes:

Hope that’s helpful. I remain optimistic for some implementation of this soon guys!