A day with Coda

So, after giving Coda a try for a day coming from Airtable i’m impressed!

Forget the way Coda works for the moment, the team seem to listen their customers wants and needs which is important. I understand you can’t implement everything or do it all in one go but by doing this I already love Coda.

One thing that I am hesitant about is price. I’m a paid user on Airtable and like many of the comments I have read about Coda, no one is fully committing incase when Coda do finally charge it’s silly money, I’m happy withe the pricing structure with Airtable and if Coda is not competitive with them or others then I’ll stick to what I have.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Airtable, I love the colourfulness about it which makes things a breeze to locate especially the base view which I think Coda needs to look at, please provide us with a colourful icon view or a better menu, at the moment it’s too mono and you cannot clearly see the difference between your Docs, Sections or Folders.

Now only using Coda for one day, I not fully aware what this can do in comparison to Airtable. I am finding issues with styling that I hate. My first issue is I find it incredibly irritating to align text, firstly the checkbox can’t be aligned in the centre, I would like to be able to align my headers, rows, columns just like in Excel. I might want my headers text centre, the columns rows aligned to the right, another columns row aligned to the left but it appears I cannot do this and If I can, I can’t find it. Trying to select the whole document’s table and aligning the text seems hard, it somehow wants to centre the actual table in the document.

Now I create my formulas in a web editor, this way I can clearly see what I am doing, I use lines, tabs and it looks neat. When pasting this into Coda although the script/formula work it doesn’t keep my format, it’s messy. Can we please keep the formatting when copying to Coda and again from Coda. To give you an idea, this is my layout:

	[VAT Percentage].IsBlank(), 

For some reason, it;s not showing my tabs or spaces.

Once I have pasted this into Coda, this is what it looks like:

IF( [VAT Percentage]=0.2, ‘Yeah’, ‘oh’)

All in all I like Coda and I’m sure I’ll be posting really simple question on here for sometime to come but please look at my issues and implement them.

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