Bug: confusion with reference vs text

I’ve got a membership-database doc where each member’s record includes a reference to an organization. New records are created with a text element with the name of the organization that seems to behave like a reference, but isn’t. Shown here is a newly created record that isn’t sorted with other members in the same org (I’ve got grouping by org turned on), but when hovering over the plain text, I do get an info card for that org, showing the other members (but not the new member). It’s very possible I’ve done something wrong myself.

This happens when you’re looking up or referencing another table. It can happen from a formula where it’s pulling in a value that isn’t specific down to the column, only the row, or it can happen from a lookup.

If you want, you can write into support and share your doc with the support team and we can check it out there. I’m mentioning this route because you have email addresses in there that you might not want to share here. Feel free to mention me when you write in and they can assign the ticket to me.