Conflicting details referencing form fields

Consider the following form, that connects to a table of contacts.

Inside the preview of the formula, we get what we expect - the current value of the form field - however… we can also see that the result of the formula is actually the field of all rows of the connected table.

Hello @balupton ,

It is a bit hard to see what is going on, but the way this looks to me is that you are indeed asking for all the contacts, even if the preview only shows one. But what I really don’t understand is why you are trying to pull a name from the table (view if you wish) , while you are adding a new record.

Please make a dummy doc that resembles your doc, put some sample rows in it and share it with the community for advise. Also, make sure you tell what you are trying to accomplish, because I don’t get it from this screenprint.