Formula response for Controls and Formulas endpoint

For the Columns endpoint we have the lovely formula response, letting us see the actual formula.

In the Controls and Formulas endpoint, the closest we have is the value response, which is the result of the formula.

Please add a formula response to these endpoints as well!

Thanks for the request! That is a bit of a gap in the API, and I agree that we should return the formula in all cases. I’ve opened a request with the engineering team, but it may not be addressed for some time.

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Awesome thank you! A bit of a related side request; Would it be possible to give an option to get extensive formulas, those that include the IDs instead of only names.

I’ve ran into some issues where two tables have columns with the same name, then in the formula it’s ambiguous whether it’s for example thisRow’s or CurrentValue’s


That’s a great callout, and certainly makes sense to me. When you copy and paste the formula from the editor you get an expanded version of the formula that includes a thisRow. to clarify which is which, and so in theory we should be able to provide that version in the API as well.

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Hey! Any update on expanded formulas in the API? If not I’ll try to accomodate for the namespace ambiguity in an upcoming project

Hi @Rickard_Abraham - Sorry, no updates at this time. We’ve got it logged in our internal tracker, but I wouldn’t expect to see it improved in the near term.

Alright no worries, thank you!

I noticed another discrepancy, response.body.items[n].format.label always returns the expanded formula in the listColumns endpoint for button columns

Hmm, I tried to reproduce that but couldn’t. Can you share a doc the reproduces the issue?

Sure! Sent a PM to you

Ah, I see now. I didn’t realize the label was a formula. I’ll file a bug for this too.

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