[API Breaking Change] November 10, 2019: API supports list values for cells via url param

As part of a series of improvements to our API, we’ve added support for returning nested lists when returning rows from a table or view. Previously, if a cell contained a list value, it would be converted to a comma-separated string. In addition to reducing the fidelity of responses, this could create confusion when a cell contained a one-element list, which in the old output format looks identical to a string.

You can now get nested list values when passing the url parameter valueFormat=simpleWithArrays to the /rows endpoints.

This will become the default behavior on November 10, 2019.

We will be cross-posting this and similar updates to the API change log.


Hey would you guys be able to add a subscription section to that doc so we can get notified when there are changes?

It’s on our backlog, though no ETA at this time. See also: Use Triggers to hit our own Rest API? and Watch for changes in rows / doc.

That’s okay, just wanted to make a request. I like your idea though, I’ll setup a periodic poll for the doc’s update timestamp!

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