Elusive bug where a field gets bound to thisRow instead of currentValue, even though it does not exist on thisRow

Very bizarre bug, where in the Formula editor, specifically when editing the filter options for a column select list (see more at the end why I believe this may be important), a field gets de-referenced on thisRow instead of on CurrentValue. This can be seen by clicking on the field, as it shows thisRow.SomeField in the pop-up. I am not sure how I ended up in this state, possible by copy pasting. The bizarre thing is that:
a) the table for which the select list is a column does not have any column named “SomeField”. It is not a view of any other table, and it definitely does not have a “SomeField”.
b) The editor does not throw any errors, even upon exiting the editor and opening up the menu again.
c) The SomeField is actually coloured the same as other fields de-referenced on CurrentValue, which makes it even harder to debug as nothing visually flags it as abnormal. Only by clicking on it and paying attention to the popup would one notice any discrepancy.

And indeed, changing the field by backspacing and then choosing the appropriate auto-complete option for de-referencing on CurrentValue instead, does change the output of the formula.

I wouldn’t be able to say what the result of de-referencing the non-existing field on thisRow is without a lot of testing, since the formula lives in a filter and so the result is simply the result of filtering.

This probably has to do with the two CurrentValue bindings that occur when using the Filter() formula inside a Custom Filter formula. Maybe one of them somehow degrades to thisRow, or if one of the bindings is temporarily lost then restored it flips to thisRow.

Either way, happy to share a MRE privately for debugging.

Hey @loucadufault ! Thanks for reaching out to report this issue. We would love to help, but we’ll need you to share the minimal reproducible example (MRE) that you offered to share privately. Can you please email support@coda.io with a link to your Community post here and the MRE?

I have sent an email :slight_smile: