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I have a field in a form with the name “Exhibition”. This field is a look up column field with a drop down list. In the exhibition table all the details of the exhibition are mentioned like the city, country, date and so on.

I want that when the user fill up the data and select the an exhibition from the drop down list it shows him all the related information. It is working in the table but not in the form view. Could you kindly help me to solve this problem

Hi @Syed_Kashif_Shah

Have you activated this in the option/seeting of your form “Include all lookup column”
It should allow to your form to integrate all lookup options when you send it to external user.


Please let me know


Yes, I did it. Even then its not showing the details by hovering over the field.

hi @Syed_Kashif_Shah , @Quentin_Morel

it will never show you this in your form. The form lives outside your doc.

In case you want to show related information, you can create a column that links the data to the selection and you show this info nearby the selection field. It is not very elegant, but it might work

Cheers, Christiaan


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