Lookups in external form

Just tried to make a new external form with lookups

As you can see the checkboxes look “different” :sweat_smile:
How do I have to fix that?

And other question: by now it’s not possible to pre-fill values, right?

Thanks for your help :pray:

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Hi @thomas_raizedai!
I’m to experimenting with forms, (also if i feel they behave differently from day to day, maybe it’s part of the beta!) and my research field was exactly the “lookup” or i prefer saying the interaction of that form with the rest of the doc!
My main problem (2 days ago was my last trial, maybe something changed in the meantime!): canvas formula are not calculated, that is a big deal if my doc to identify users use one of them, also i have BIG problem in working with people column or User() formulas, but i have to test more workaround.
Just to update you i have no problem getting a table (showed as list of rows obv, but a table/graph/ecc view in future would be super ultra useful), and also filtering just the rows i want (in my case a list of pet, and a filter me just dogs or cats) but if i try to set up a “show me just my pet /or/ the pet of x user” from a form it goes crazy and got nothing back from the formula…

So yeah i’ll update you and everyone else who is interested with future discovery and possible set-up’s here :slight_smile:

P.s. have you enabled the lookup column option in forms privacy setting, right? :grin:

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