Lookup value of a selected User

I have a table with user names, and a notes column. On another canvas page, I have a single select field so that I can pick the user’s name. On the canvas (not in a table), I would like to write a formula to lookup (and display) what is in the Notes field of that selected user.

I have successfully used a Lookup formula before to achieve this setup, but I think it only worked because the value I wanted to lookup was the display column.

Is there a variation on a Lookup, or a Filter that I can use to show the note of a user selected on the canvas?

Hello @Kevin_DiBenedetto1 ,

Yes, you can do that. Sample doc below. Copy the doc and check out the formula.
Only because you are asking to do so, I have put your lookup on a canvas from the 2nd table. I would normally put functionality like that on a page (Lookup page is included in the doc)

Thanks for the reply. Your setup helped me ID the problem I was having. As usual, I was overcomplicating my formulas.

I had been trying to get this to work using a lookup formula on the page.

(Lookup(table,column, match value)

Turns out since I already had a selector on the page where I picked my user, all I had to do (like you did in your example) was reference the name of the selector


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