Pre-Filling Lookups in Published Form

I’ve got a published form that I need to pre-fill some data into - love that this is a supported feature!

An issue I’m running into is that some of my pre-fills are Lookup columns, and some of the display values of these lookups are non-unique. So when the user visits the pre-filled form, it sometimes pre-fills with the wrong lookup value.

Other things attempted that don’t work:

  • Pass the RowId() (e.g. 5) instead of text matching the display column value
  • Pass the underlying row API id (e.g. i-VTbjJ2-QaD) instead of text matching the display column value

Change my schema so that the display values of the lookups are unique. I don’t want to mess with the intentionally simple display column because of other places it’s used in the doc, but for now I’m making a new calculated column that’s basically if the name is unique, just use the name, otherwise append an incrementing number to differentiate

Realistically I’m ok with my workaround, but still think it would be nice to be able to be more explicit. Is there a URL param syntax I’m not thinking about that currently allows this?