Unpublished (internal) forms pre-fill

Really looking for a way to pre-fill form fields that aren’t published to the public. I tried using Url() function on my form-view of my table, concatenating the ?column-name=default-value parameter after a question mark just as the documentation says but this isn’t available unless the form is published.

Use case is having a “Add new {something}” button column in a table. Currently this button adds a new row to a related table and pre-populates the new row with a couple fields from the origin table. The worst part about this is the new row is created whether it gets filled-in by the user or not. Thus leaving scores of half-empty rows in my tables that are difficult to clean up (since they aren’t actually empty; I would need extra logic to compare column data to the default values and this would either have to be a button or an automation). None of this is ideal.

Ideally I could substitute the Form I created here. As it stands the form is completely blank when accessed; the user has to remember which data to enter each time they want to use the form. I need to be able to pre-fill the data just as the Add Row function does when adding rows.

An alternative used by others is to create a table just to use in place of an actual form, with a Submit button after certain validation is performed. It’s a little goofy since this table can have its only row deleted and must have it added back in order to be used, or it can have any number of blank rows added which seems sub-optimal as well.