Reference current view of table to use as new row value with form entry


I’m attempting to do something I think should be simple, but I haven’t found the correct formula yet.

I have a view of a table as a form on a separate page from the main table and would like to automatically generate a couple of columns in the row. The one I’m having trouble figuring out is a Location column where I want the “Location” cell to generate the text value from the page name from which I’m currently entering info through the form.

Here’s my project so far:

Hi @Andrew_Hanson :blush: !

Maybe using the URL of the form to pre-fill that field could potentially help you here ? :thinking:
(If you publish your forms… As I don’t think this would work otherwise)

Thanks for the response!

I attempted locating where I would enter the URL parameter I need and I can’t seem to locate it. I am using the free version of Coda. Will I need a subscription to edit URLs?

That was just a thought @Andrew_Hanson :blush:

Once your form is published (as so far, your forms are not published), pre-filling a field in a form is done by appending ColumnName=DesiredPrefilledValue to the URL of the published form…

After that, to display and use your form in your page, you would just need to embed the published form using the modified URL :blush: .
(See sample below, it might be more helpful than what I just wrote :sweat_smile:) .

From the Pricing Page, I’d say no :blush:. It seems like it’s included in the Free tier :blush:

I hope this helps :blush:
(Sorry, I have my hands a bit full at the moment :innocent: )

I appreciate all the info!

I’m attempting to locate where I can append that to the URL. Directly in the browser address bar?

I viewed a walkthrough and it appears it’s that simple. I’m including screenshots because, from what I can tell, my form is published and appending the value I want, following directions from this walkthrough, is not working.

I just published all my forms, finding the list on them main form. So now they’re published, but I must be missing something. I don’t see how to append like they’re instructing in the tutorial I shared previously.

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