Bug: Checkbox items in form

Checkbox standard value set to true in column setting
in the published form the setting is set to false

  1. screenshot: Coda
  2. screenshot: published form

Hi @Thomas_Schulz1,

The Default values for new rows feature does not carry over to a publish public form.

Please check out this previous forum post: .

In it they link to this article which shows how to add default values to a form using URL parameters.

It is important to note that anything to you add to a URL should follow URL encoding rules. This is true for any website and not just Coda. For example use of a space is replaced with %20 and ! with %21.

Example encoded URL:

If this were the link to your form above the Name field would be set to Joe Bloggs. The %20 is translated by the system to be a space. The Mobile field will also be populated.

Note that the question mark should be at the end of your forms URL, does not have a forward slash preceding it, and can only be used once. Any other user of a question mark should be encoded.

For multiple parameters user an ampersand (&) between each Parameter.

You can learn more and use the free encoder on this website:

I am unsure if the parameter needs the display name or the true column name of the field being modified. Something to experiment with.

A final point to mention is something they also touch on in the article. Using this parameter system can help you send pre-defined forms however caution should be used if you go beyond just pre-setting some standardised fields, especially if you choose to use this to populate personal details.

I hope that this helps clear things up.

All the best


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Thanks @Dale_Cowling I was not aware of this post!

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