Bug? Dot Symbol by Bulleted Lists in Tables shifted in Text?

Hey everybody,

is it just me or are the “dot symbols” shifted an inch into the text when you’re using Bulleted Lists in Tables since some days? I mean after leaving the table cell they are not at the beginning anymore as they used to be. -> discovered in Firefox.

Agree/Bug? <-> Disagree?

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When editing table text, bullets/numbering left align correctly.

On submission of the edits, the left align of bullets/numbering shifts drastically to the right.

Chrome. Roughly a week now.


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I moved this to the “Bugs” category and I’m checking with the team.

Are you seeing this on Chrome as well or is this just Firefox?

I messaged the team and there is a fix in the queue for this that’ll hit today or tomorrow!


Thanks for the fast response!

It appears in Firefox and Chrome!

Everything seems to be fine again!
Problem solved!
Thx Coda Team!