Bug in looking up page links in tables?

I have a project table and and each project has its own page. I tried to link the Project
Name (display column) to the project page and it works. But whenever another table does a look up of the project name, it comes out as a string of random characters. How do i fix this? Is this a bug?

Hello !
Can you share screenshots to have a better understanding of your issue !

Hi, hope this will help you understand.

To clarify i linked the page with the @ sign in the Project Name column which is also the display column and a text column.

I understand that in your “All Tasks” database, you’d like to call a project. But why dont you simply call a lookup to “Projects DB” database ? I dont see the relationship with your page name.
Eventough, you can still add a “link” column to your project database, with the url of the page, so that you can access it by reverse lookup in your task database


In the task table, it is a lookup to the Projects DB database, where the Project Name (Display Column) is a link to that project page. Its more for convenience of being able to access the project page directly from the different tables.