Noob Question: Referencing Non Display Columns

Need a little help :slight_smile:

I have a drop down selector on a project specific page that is a look up of project names from a main project dashboard. When I create a new project I find the project name in the drop down box and select it. Doing so allows me to filter tasks so only project specific tasks are shown on each project specific page.

I am trying to make it so when I select the project name from the drop down list that the project code automatically displays on a different line (The project name and project code are stored in the table tables called “Projects”).

I cannot get the project code to automatically change based on the selection of the project name like I need to.

Here is a copy of the doc so you can review. Its the first two “things” on the sheet.

To check to make sure it works correctly you should be able to select “Fusion Flood” and have “FF” show up for the Project Code.

Any help would be greatly apprecaited!


Hi @Brad_Young

Did not find where you have those dropdown, but I recreated this

  • this is my dropdown, called "Select Project

  • and just use this to get the code (In SelectProject I selected Fusion Flood as your example mentionned)

Is that well what you desired ?


Hi Quentin,

Thank you for your help! Yes, it does what I need it to. That is WAY more simple that I thought it would be. I am still getting used to how Coda functions.

Thank you!

No problem @Brad_Young , this is indeed one of the core functionnaly of coda, refering to the power of lookups

Have a Nice journey through those features, and do not hesitate to reach out if you need !


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