Bug: On list view, two column of bulleted list overlap

I have two columns of bulleted lists, I have “no-wrap” on and detailed view activated. This is what happens:


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Hi @Jorge_Silva thanks for reporting this, mind if I ask you few things.
After the bullet list is there a button?
For detail view is there a specific layout you are using?
Which browser are you using?
I ask you this to get more consistant repro of the issue

It stopped from happening (Yay!), I cannot replicate it, may be you rolled out a new version?
And, yes I have one button and one select list under it. I’m using Chrome. For the layout it’s the default layout that was modified.

Good to know @Jorge_Silva
The report was passed to team as soon as possible to give it the proper fix.
Please do not ever hesitate sending your feedback and report to us, this way we can always provide you the best experience using Coda.
Feel free to reach out whenever needed.