Printing detail views


I´ve been trying to figure out why the detail view completely changes when I want to pring it.

I´ve made the columns bigger and smaller but nothing seems to affect this.

Whenever I want to print a detail view it exports a pdf that places all the columns underneath eachother instead of next to eachother. Is there any way around this?

Examples are in the images below.

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 17.21.01

Thanks for reaching out to let us know about this issue. This sounds like it might be related to a known bug the Coda team has identified. That said, we have tracked your report of this issue, moved this post to the Suggestion Box: Bugs section of the Community, and somebody from the Coda team will be following up with any updates on this issue. Thanks for hanging in there!

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Experiencing the same bug

Hey @Rob_Sisson,

We just received news that this bug has been resolved! Can you give it another shot and please let us know if you run into any issues?


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