Bug: text boxes

When typing in card mode on a table, and filling in a text field, the entry is lost if it contains a newline (using a Mac, at least). That is, whatever you typed will not be saved to the underlying sheet; it vanishes. Along the same lines, when copying multiple paragraphs into a textfield, in card mode, only the first is copied (when it gets to the line break it stops copying). However, I can copy into a text editor so the entire text block is in the copy buffer: it just isn’t accepted as input into the Coda textfield.

If, however, you first type one line without a line break (generated with option-return), then come back, you can type all the lines you want. If you type multiple-lines directly into the grid, not in card mode, multiple lines are handled fine.

This bug is reproducible for me. Using macOS 10.13.4 w/ Chrome 66.0.3359.181.

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+1 Text lost issue is reproducible to me too.
Windows 10 machine.

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Thanks @Michael_Olenick and @Naqushab_Neyazee for reporting this. Could you send a screenshot of specifically where you are editing that this occurs?

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First shot shows me typing stuff in card mode. Second shot shows the row with nothing there. [Edit - after submitting it says new users can only put one image per post – I’d suggest changing that for bug reports. In any event the second one shows grid mode with nothing there.]

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Thanks @Michael_Olenick. Still trying to reproduce this - here’s what I’m getting.

What are you doing to commit the values you type in the description field?

Just typing then closing the card window or moving to the next one.

Skype w/ screen-share? I’m in Europe but it’s getting late here. I don’t want to post my email/Skype here - is there a way to DM?

Just looked closely and I can see the problem. Your example is “line 1 here line 2 here”… They’re all on the same line. You need multiple lines – line breaks. How you make them depends on the OS But, if you add line breaks, they disappear.

@nathan I am already following this up with Molly via email and she confirmed that this is an issue but haven’t heard from her a while.
It happens intermittently. The steps, however are these:

  1. I have a document with 4 sections and it has multiple views in them(16)
  2. In those views, I edit or add some info in the columns
  3. When added, I usually switch to any other section, to any other view to add data there
  4. When I go back to the previous section, I see some of the information is not saved and is missing
    I have also checked for previous versions to chek if data is lost somewhere, but it appears not to be written anywhere too.
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Thanks @Naqushab_Neyazee. We’re aware of the bug where switching sections doesn’t save values that you were editing, and are working on a fix.

Cards today only support 1 line of text for each field – they’ll show just part of the first line, and if multiple lines can fit, they’ll just merge onto a single line. This limitation may be what some of you are experiencing.

However, saving multiple lines of lines text from the detail view should always commit the values – if you reopen the detail view, or view the data in a table view, all lines should always be there. If this isn’t what you’re experiencing (and you’re not clicking on a different section just after editing the text), we’d love to know more details to help investigate.


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Multiple lines don’t commit the values, at least in the use cases I’ve been using. I could deal w/ the line breaks being removed (though it’d be inconvenient and a reason I’m migrating from Excel). But it doesn’t commit: the data is lost.

Yes, the data is lost. I am fine with text appearing in single line. But loss of data is very scary. I always have to recheck before and after switching. :frowning:

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This what makes coda better than Excel for the type of information I’m working with. I’m used to dealing with big data – tens of millions of rows. I’ve spoken at international conferences and I’m a recognized expert. Enough of the self-congratulatory BS because it’s not helpful for analysis. This isn’t big data; it isn’t even medium data. It’s relatively small recordsets where we need to do minimal sorting and analysis. When I address conferences I remind them that this is, by far, the overwhelming majority use case. What I don’t say but I imply is that Excel sucks. Coda has the potential to be better. But not if we can’t type multi-line notes.

@Michael_Olenick and @Naqushab_Neyazee, we’re still not able to repro the issue with multi-line text not saving.

Can you capture a recording of the issue, or more specifics on the steps to hit it?

The support person from Coda wrote to me that she was able to reproduce both bugs. The disappearing one happened with multi-line text in a text box, in form view, while the cursor, in grid view, was selecting a different cell. The pasting multi-line one put the data in other cells I didn’t notice (it pasted, but not into the cell it was supposed to paste into) - I didn’t notice that the data landed in a different row.

Hi, has this bug been fixed? I have experienced it myself a few times already and I was wondering if it is just me.

I am only typing it in a table (which would appear in cards & tables elsewhere though) but it doesn’t save, at least twice so far… I thought it might be because I accidentally deleted it but there isn’t any record of it in the version history so it couldn’t be.

it just disappears and because of this, I feel like I have to back up everytime… though I have forgotten about it on Saturday and it happened again and I lost the notes I have written down :scream::sob::fearful: