Paste text in Forms

When I setup various Coda Forms for my team to use, I didn’t realize that they wouldn’t be able to paste text into form text fields. Is this intentional by Coda? If users have reference #s or links that they want to included in a form description, they are unable to.


Hey @Max_McEwan ,
I just tested copying text (a stack of whatsapp messages) into a form field and they arrived in my table including all text, line breaks and emoticons. So I guess something else is going on with your form/doc.
And I can do the same text block pasting directly in the table fields too. When doing the latter, you have to make sure you properly select the field you want to paste into, because if you don’t, you will copy into multiple rows if your text block has line breaks.
Perhaps you could make a dummy setup for us to look at and check what is happening?


Thanks for the reply @joost_mineur, and sorry for my delayed response. The issue was that I didn’t have “Change table values” toggled On in the Locking settings. If that is off, users cannot paste text into the form. I overlooked this aspect when originally creating this post. Thanks!