Any way to put text fields into pages?

Hi, I’m trying to create a form with different kind of fields but I need to reference some fields into formulas.
Is there any way to do that ?
I’m searching since yesterday because I can’t achieve what I need with forms or table. It’s impossible to add custom fields into.
If someone could help it would be fine.

Hey @Anthony_Fernandez_Ferrandiz any chance you can share your doc here so we can take a closer look at your setup? If you can point to what fields you’re trying to reference and where you’re trying to reference them, that’d be helpful too!

thanks for your answer.
It seems there is no way to make a page with controls that people could interact with without logging in.
I only find out one way to bypass this creating a standard form and copying the internet link.
Then once pasted in a page the form can be used by anyone and text will be saved into the attached table but…
Forms in CODA doesn’t allow to put text fields where you want and above all doesn’t allow tu use blocks provided in packs like those for Google Maps etc.

I didn’t find a way to make an “automatic login in” which was an option too.

Don’t think I will spend so much time with Coda.
Today, with a database with Spanish Zip code, 80 000 rows and 9 columns I passed my time restarting Chrome or Firefox because each time I wanted to use the option menu on the column headers the script behind was blocking me everything during so much time…
Anyway, thanks again


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