Bug: Typing with Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard issue

I experienced a bug while typing with Microsoft SwiftKey on my Android phone. Bugs occurred when I hold backspace to erase a word and autocomplete feature (I guess, not sure with this).

  1. Holding backspace: resulting only the first letter of the word I want to erase, erased. While the “type cursor” is jumping to the first letter of the word I want to erase.
    Example: lorem ipsum dolor sit amet|
    Expected result: lorem ipsum dolor sit |
    Actual result: lorem ipsum dolor sit |ame

  2. Autocomplete feature: I’m not sure how to reproduce this bug, but sometimes when I used autocomplete feature (or hold backspace too maybe) the “type cursor” didn’t really show where I’ll type next
    Example: lorem ipsum dolor sit |
    Expected result: lorem ipsum dolor sit amet|
    Actual result: lorem ipsum dolor amet| sit

Sorry I can’t give a video example because I don’t have any screen-recording apps installed on my Android phone. Btw my wife using another Android phone with SwiftKey installed experienced the same issue, and it doesn’t occur on other apps, only Coda (docs field edit and form field edit).

Update: since I got no response here, I’ve submitted a bug report via Coda Support’s form. I hope this bug can be resolved soon.

cc @mallika

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Hi @steph thanks for noticing, any update regarding this issue? :slight_smile:

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Hi Kenji, no new update to share regarding this issue at this time. If you’ve written to Coda Support, we have your ticket on file and have surfaced it to the appropriate teams to investigate.

Thanks for your patience!

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Hey @Kenji_Prahyudi … I came upon this looking for something else… But I had this same experience with Gboard on Mobile. For me it seems to have resolved with later releases, you?

Hi @Damon_Kost thanks for your reply! Good for you! Sadly it seems to me the problem’s still there. Idk, actually I don’t believe I’m the only Coda user using Microsoft SwiftKey, but I guess I can’t do anything but wait :joy:

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I can confirm this is still an issue almost 1 year after this issue was posted. My hack for this is to use Swiftkey’s “Slide from delete key” feature.

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@Jason_Gibson Yes you’re right. The last time I got an update regarding this issue is that they have added this issue to their backlog but they can’t promise when they will fix it. Now you raise this, I just realize that I’ve learned to live with it :frowning:

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