Problems with writing Korean(non-latin) characters

Recently, bugs often occur when I write Korean in coda.
(There was no problem a few weeks ago.)

If I press ‘Backspace’ twice in a row while writing Korean, a text cursor goes to the beginning of the line like when pressing ‘Home’ button.
(I pressed ‘backspace’ twice in a row)

Also, unknown error sometimes occurs especially when I write Korean and press ‘backspace’ several times in a table.

Browser: Mozilla FireFox 80.0.1 (64bit), OS: Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS


I had a similar issus. The solution was to disable a chrome extension.

Even though I disable all FireFox extensions(add-ons), it still happens.

I’ve got the same with US International keyboards on macOS. I just posted on another thread. My hunch is that the Korean keyboard behavior is similar to the US Int’l keyboard. When you hit single-quote it doesn’t print anything on the screen. It expects another character so that it can print something like: é á í, etc… When using coda, it just goes to the beginning of the line.

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Now this problem has been solved on FireFox in Ubuntu.
But there are still problems with writing Korean in other browsers or OS.
(Chrome(v85.0.4183) in Ubuntu, and Chrome, FireFox in Windows)

When I write Korean words, the cursor does not follow characters and if I press ‘space’ button, the word disappears. It seems the input text system recognizes Korean characters as a character.
Peek 2020-09-16 14-44

And, an unknown error also occurs when I write Korean and press backspace more than twice or three times in a row.

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Hi @ailuropoda,

Thanks for reporting this. We’re testing a fix now and it should hit the servers later today or tomorrow.

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