Editing Question - Cursor disappears on new line

I am a new Coda user and am creating some text-heavy documents (meeting notes, blog posts, etc.). While typing, if I hit to start a new line or paragraph, my cursor disappears and I can only continue typing by using my mouse to click on the new line. Is there a setting somewhere that can alter this behavior?

I think it would be good to know on which operating system and with which browser this problem occurs.

I have not experienced this phenomenon on macOS and Firefox and Chrome so far.

Sorry if this sounds trivial, but the described behavior seems to me more like one of your input devices (keyboard, mouse) has a problem (e.g. due to contamination). Have you checked this? Possibly replaced the input devices to test it?

Thank you. Upon further testing, this seems to be document-specific - only occurring in some documents. I had been thinking this was a Coda-wide issue. I’m going to close this conversation and do some further testing, but hoping I can figure it out from here. Thank you again for responding!

BTW - I’m using Chrome on a Windows 10 Pro computer. Speculating this issue has something to do with columns (images or tables next to text).

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