Using the docs is impossible at the moment. What has been written is deleted immediately

Does anyone else have problems with the docs?

No matter what I write, it disappears immediately. Only paragraphs remain (Enter). The rest disappears. When writing, the coursor always stops in front of the first letter written, but the keystrokes are inserted in the correct place. E.g. write the word “Hello”. after pressing Enter or clicking the mouse button, the text disappears again as if it had never been there.

Need a solution quickly.

Dear @Kristijan_Moser,

Most probably the issue is at your end.
I assume that you already tried to restart your browser/machine.

Not sure if occupied on non working hours, but you might want to get in contact with the Codans at and or through Intercom “?” in your doc


Yes I startet everything again. And wrote to the Coda Team.

Trying after a few hours again… It work now like it should.

No idea what the problem was, but happy that it work now.

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It appears that the following Chrome extension caused the problem.

After the extension has been switched off, everything runs as usual.

Thanks to the Coda team for solving the problem

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Dear @Kristijan_Moser,

Thanks sharing the details on what caused the problems :star: