Bizarre phenomenon when using ProWriting Aid Chrome Extension

Not sure anyone else uses ProWriting Aid’s Chrome extension, but Coda is fantastic for writing a novel (for a variety of reasons) and PWA’s editing tool brings much needed features to the process.

That said, it runs great, both assessing the current text, making suggestions, providing double click access to a thesaurus, and allowing for a pop-up window with the full features and changes available. Once closed, it overwrites the current text per usual in a Google Doc or Native PWA doc. Though it “seems” to work, NO changes inside the Coda doc/canvas will save.

At all.

It shows they changed, but if you navigate away to another part of the doc, they disappear. Coda’s history will acknowledge changes were made, but show no evidence of it. Copy and paste has the same end result and the only way to fix the non-saving issue is to turn the extension off and reopen the coda doc/canvass. As soon as you reactive it, the saves stop no matter what you type or do.

Any ideas?

I noticed similar thing happening with Microsoft Editor also on Edge and Chrome. It will mark words that are wrong, you can left click on word and get menu with suggestion, pick suggestion, the text will change, but when you come back to page (or go to different cell, etc. depending on where are you changing text) all changes will revert to old text.
Also a bit confused why is this happening.

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