List of things this does that google docs doesnt

testing this and everything seems pretty good so far for ui and visual design

biggest problem am having is that it doesnt always autosave
does this problem happen more when you have multiple tabs of the doc up?
it seems to be stuck right now where refreshing says “Changes you made may not be saved” and dont know how to get it to save
there are chrome extensions but that shouldnt be the problem since they arent anywhere else

there’s also a persistent ‘offline’ on top right corner but it’s been online the whole time and was autosaving

so far saw 2 key things that google docs doesnt do, but gitbook does 1 of those things. it seems more comparable to docs than something like notion. i believe notion is not really good for anything but havent tried it in recently. what are all the key things this does that google doesnt do?

wasnt this an app for keeping code in the longer past? an outliner for code i think? ‘coda’? seems to sound familiar or maybe am thinking of something else

it just crashed “not enough memory” - but looks like it saved, so not sure if it was already saved, and yet refreshing gave this popup on chrome - “Changes you made may not be saved”

i’d assume it had already saved between the time of seeing “Changes you made may not be saved” and it crashing but dont know for sure i didnt check inbetween that time

also havent had chrome in a long time say “not enough memory” (and it’s currently using little comparatively) so its def something coda has to work out
only tabs with coda sites crashed btw
i have tons of milanote tabs open and that didnt crashed for example

oh also, when you open a doc, it permanently loads and stays like that and i have to refresh for a doc/note to open so i dont know whats going on with that

this post Am I the only one? Coda is ugly
was pretty funny

i think they’re a linux user who never seen mac or windows 10 before, regardless of how lacking the oses are
[w/e is the worst car design] that never seen a telsa before
an amazon shopper that never seen a boutique or high-end fashion site before
someone that uses a text editor or stats software and never seen software made for the vast majority of users before
someone that uses forum software from the 1990s who never seen discourse before
someone that uses a command line and never seen UI before

there’s alot of boring and wordy (99%) forum posts that doesnt get to the point, and other things that seem to be made for classrooms and preschoolers on this coda site, but this one was really funny, i liked how there were 0 examples of good ui from the poster - ill like to see some examples of good ui, and how coda is ‘ugly’ compared to the so many other things… out there

if you look at the documentation of vs code, it’s clear, clean, and to the point. different from a lot of the stuff on coda, it’s so wordy someone on ‘coda news’ even began the feature announcement with ‘let’s get the chase:’ (and yet there was still so much fluff right after that…) – but, it would take a wholeeee lot for a normal functioning human to come to the conclusion that coda has ‘ugly’ ui, especially when compared to the so much… out there… guess that’s the severe difference between people that know about good ui and those that dont

still would like to see examples of good ui and how coda doesn’t have that

Well, if you refer to some of the answers of the thread you are showcasing as funny and “made for preschoolers” you might recognise that some of them understood the intent of the topic. Yes, I could have listed some examples of a good ui, however, it was clearly stated that:

“it would be awesome to have something nice to look at - but it does not, it looks like an IT developer screen. Menus, colours, logos, fonts, pictures, icons, … I know it is not that difficult to upload this stuff, it is actually pretty easy to makle that work … if you want!!”

It was a not about a specific design approach but about the opportunity to develop one - an individual one, developed by the customers of Coda.

A little discussion came up with some examples, some good criticism and some support of my points. However, I am sure that we are just part of the “wordy 99%” and while you certainly seem to be “a normal functioning human” and a part of those “people that know about good ui and those that don’t”, I am more simple minded and obviously less capable than the 1% you belong to.


still 0 examples of good ui from op of ugly, clearly not enough percentages to reach the point of recognising and understanding intent

op of ugly post was essentially saying that their design was ugly (because they dont understand good or even decent ui) and thus jumped to the conclusion that coda must have ugly ui. logic.

already knew this, and so what was said applies, so again a failure to understand intent. heh. full of “valid” criticism i guess

still want to see examples and evidence of good ui that coda doesnt have ← all i care about