URGENT - Docs not saving information

I had two problems this morning. First, after finishing all my checklist on a row in the weekend, I wake up today with all my checklist unchecked (again, because I checked twice after closing the page and it didn’t saved the info).

Now, I spend a few hours with my custom time tracker active and, after reestarting the pc and reoping the Coda doc, the tracker was paused when the tracker should be running in the Coda servers.

Are your servers offline or something? I can’t keep working on my docs if it doesn’t saves tables information anymore.

From the Coda Status Page, everything seems fine :woman_shrugging:.

I did had sudden troubles few hours ago (big bold lags) though :thinking: .
But I’m not sure if it was Coda or Chrome or even my whole Mac :roll_eyes:

Did you ever resolve this? I have the same problem - my doc is always “Offline” even if I’m online

For me, the problem was that I was working with rows opened in the popup view and, in that view, they don’t save information.

What is the platform are you using Coda? Mobile or Web? For me, Coda appears in offline mode when the internet connection is very low.

Thanks for replying Guilherme. I’m working on the web.

Unfortunately with rows open or working directly on a table, Coda is always “Offline”


No idea why it does this, but it’s making my to-do list impossible.