Coda-Docs are offline – why?

Dear Coda-Community,

More and more often (lately daily) “Offline” appears in the header of my Coda docs. However, I am not offline - all other web pages are working.


When I have edited my doc and I want to close it, my browser tells me that the doc could not be saved. If I reopen the doc after closing it, the edited parts are missing or only partially there.

What is the reason for this? What can I do? The bug affects my work with Coda (by now one of my most important tools) considerably…

Thanks a lot for your support.

Hi @Franko_Hoffmann-Samaga and welcome back to the Community :blush: !

I stumbled upon an “offline” trouble some time ago (Coda would stay offline for hours without any reasons …) and I was kindly directed to this documentation page :point_down: :blush:

In my case, clearing cache and cookies did the trick :wink: .

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Oh yeah, thanks a lot for sharing the document. I will try the given hints. :smiley:

No problem @Franko_Hoffmann-Samaga :blush: !

I hope something in there works for you :grin: :crossed_fingers:
(If not, don’t hesitate to contact directly the Coda Support :wink: )

Deleting cache and cookies was very helpful! :sweat_smile:

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