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Hello all,

I am experiencing connection issues and I wonder if we can work offline with coda. ?
if not how are you managing working with no connection until you retrieve your connection



when i am travelling, i work offline as follows

  • i set my laptop to never shut down - but to go to sleep instead
  • this keeps my apps and windows and browser sessions open
  • i have a single Coda document that i keep open ALL THE TIME
  • this coda document has pages for all the different things i work on daily
  • so this document never closes - so i can work on it even when i am offline
  • when i get back online it resyncs with the Coda servers etc
  • thus, if i need to do some new coda work - but have no network
    • i open a new page in my always-open document
    • and add any tables, formulas etc there
    • so i can at least make progress on those things
    • and then when i am back online - i copy the page to a new doc

as long as you keep a coda doc open on your device, you can work away offline

hope this helps



I wish the devs would give more attention to offline functionality :smiling_face_with_tear: esp since I use coda primarily on mobile. But it seems like Coda’s target users are desktop users…


HI Marcus,

I try and stay away from the deep technical issues, but it looks to me as if complete off-line operation would be very difficult to implement, as Coda is a cloud-based solution so that (among other things) teams can share the same document seamlessly. I have had endless problems with using the cloud based version of Excel, and none so far with Coda.

I am from a developing country (South Africa), and still spend a lot of time there, and yes, it can get frustrating. But Max gives some good advice above. I am just not as diligent, if all else fails I enjoy the time off… :wink:


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Hi all,
I would vote for this feature to be implemented at least on the mobile application, this can unlock a lot of people to make profit of travel’s time for example.
This feature is provided in Notion for example and it’s really useful. I would love to see it here in Coda.


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