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I have two suggestions that will make Coda one of the best programs, if not one of the best, according to my experience in time management and applications, as follows:

  1. The first thing is to make Coda work in offline mode, which helps people who are far from communication networks and the Internet to add some things, and after connecting to the Internet, they are added automatically and here makes Coda a portable program and easy to use.

  2. The second thing is to make the phone application open in the last interface it was in and not return to the main destination.

The most important thing among these suggestions is to make the free limited version of Coda into an unlimited version and this is something that may draw users of some applications to Coda and enhance the mass base.

If you like any of these suggestions or wish to have these features in Coda as soon as possible, I hope you raise your vote

Good Luck.

Sub 1) if the doc is open/active before going off line, you can use it as if you are online. It will sync when the connection with internet is reestablished. I dont see any better option, because you want to work with the latest version of your doc, not a version that might be days (or much more) older than that (from a local cache).

Sub 2) I don’t have a strong opinion. I attach shortcuts on my phone’s ‘desktop’ and they open with the page that was active when making the shortcut. In general that works pretty ok.

Working with an old version is better than not at all, but I understand that it’s a logical nightmare force merging multiple users’ versions. Then again I assume Coda has solved that since they allow offline editing inside a single doc, I don’t understand why the same logic cannot be applied to multiple docs

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1- Yes, in fact, it works normally, but some problems occur, but when syncing in offline mode, you can add it at any time without worrying about whether the browser or its shortcut is running or not, if you are using a CODA for personal use, then you do not need to sync with me The latest version, you only need yourself, meaning you only need to add it in offline mode, and after connecting to the Internet, the added document will be added and the table or thing that you added will be updated.

2- Everyone has his opinion and I respect your opinion. It is true that shortcuts are effective, but for me they are impractical.

I guess, but it is just a guess, that it is pretty hard to predict which document(s) to keep in your phones memory or cache. Let alone keep a recent version ready to use, because the program cannot predict when you go offline. When you are working online on a doc and go offline, you have the latest version.

The syncing is not fool-proof, but it works pretty good. The only problem we have run into is when multiple users archive a row, which will create some sort of a duplicate archive with different time stamps. We have solved that by checking for duplicates by checking on specific (date/time) fields and only keeping one of the duplicate rows. But generally speaking, the syncing back to one version goes amazingly well, even when we collaborate with 5 or 6 people on a doc.

I am sure that it depend on the type of work - for us it is primarily registering and archiving start and stop times of activities (in tables). Maybe it would be a different thing when working on texts where many people are editing the same paragraph(s).

We are often active in pretty remote regions with bad or no internet for extended periods of time (many hours, but not days). Considering what we can do with more than one person in compare to the (not so) old days (when everything was per definition off-line) I can live with the tiny inconveniences we run into once in a while.


In the latest update of CODA a new suggestion system was launched, in this case can the offline mode be combined with the suggestion system.


In where when the user connects to the Internet in order to add a row in the table, he receives suggestions, for example, do you want to accept this? Or do you want to merge this new row with the old one, and upon approval, the merge, add, or test one of the values that was present in the phone storage.

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And this is currently causing an issue for one of my clients. When someone is offline and “accepts” an assignment that someone else who was online already accepted, Coda is overwriting the second user’s data on top of the first causing issues. This is why offline access is really a bad thing even though I agree I would like not to always have to have internet, when sharing with others, offline can cause more trouble than its worth.