Is offline access in the works?

I have lots of great ideas about how Coda could make my life and job easier, but I live in a rural area where having internet access when I’m away from home is the exception, rather than the rule. If I can’t count on accessing my data wherever I am, Coda is pretty much useless for me! Is full offline syncing in the works, or am I not Coda’s target audience?

This is something that we’d like to have, and you’re definitely not alone here. There are some hurdles to clear first as things get pretty tricky if you offer collaborative editing and offline…who’s edits win if two people are working on the same sentence and come back online at different times???

As a few other things get checked off the list, this will keep rising. So not something that’s immediate, but something we’re curious about and keeping in mind.


Suggestion: start with offline without collaborative editing.

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The suggestion to start offline without collaboration is an idea, but then the doc would be disconnected forever, which tends to cause more of a loss of features than gain.

Makes sense. But I still think it would be viable if the person had a setting to disable sharing if the doc is personal and you don’t want other people collaborating.