User Feedback When Document Fails to Save

So I just loaded up one of my Docs in Coda to quite a nasty surprise: about two hours worth of work (deadline today) was just missing. I jumped into Version History, and found that the doc had just stopped saving some point yesterday afternoon, despite it still being open and actively being worked on.

I assume the issue was a dropped connection or similar, but I was never notified about any loss of connectivity between by browser window and the Coda server. Luckily, in this instance I happen to have emailed a colleague a copy/pasted version of the work at the end of the day, so brief panic aside it hasn’t been a major issue, but it does make me wary about pushing our use of Coda further.

Could we get some form of extremely obvious warning message if the connection drops or the file hasn’t saved in a certain amount of time? Because there’s no manual way to trigger a save state (which would also be nice) or visual representation of when the last save occurred, there’s little I can do right now except keep backups elsewhere - not an ideal solution!


This is concerning.

+1 :point_down: