Code drops me from my doc

Ever since the update I often get dropped from my doc, I’m not sure what’s the trigger.

By dropping I mean that when editing a doc I get returned to my workspace with my list of docs.

At first I thought it was some kind of hotkey I pressed accidentally but now I’m not sure because it happened too many times with different keys being pressed when editing a table. It is a bit of a nuisance that was not a problem before 3.0, any way to solve this?

Dear @Zsolt_Marcsev ,

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I would try the following options:

  1. If available, access your account from a different machine. If it works fine, it could be some cache, history, extension in the browser of your original machine.

  2. clean the cache, history, disable extensions restart the original machine you mentioned above.

  3. write to support, mentioning your account details to see if they can find something in the logs.

I don’t want to make presumptions, but depending from which country you try to access, their could be various reasons for disturbing the connections.

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