Old data overwrites newer data

This bug makes me thing twice before committing using Coda.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open document A in PC 1 (home PC)
  2. In that document, create a table, open the first cell (Ctrl+Shift+E), input “ABC” into the editor and leave the editor open.
  3. Switch to another browser for at least 1 minute, hibernate the PC 1
  4. Wait a moment, e.g. 12 hours
  5. Repeat step 1, 2 and 3 in PC 2 (office PC) with text “MNO” and press Save Changes
  6. Go home and open again the PC 1

Expected: the document A is refreshed with latest text “MNO”
Actual: the document A didn’t refreshed, the text is “ABC”, as well as the whole document is overwritten with old data

Why it makes me crazy: Coda didn’t allow to restore the specific revision into the same document. Every time I need to clone the correct/old version to a new document which is unacceptable. Imagine 8 hours of work was discarded by the old data…

Hi @Thang_Tran,

The issue you’re talking about is specific to text cells as they are not collaborative editing ready. You do need to click out of the cell and yes, two editors can “step on each other’s toes” here.

We are working on some improvements here. You shouldn’t be seeing this in the canvas though. Our collaborative editing is on the canvas really good there and we’re hoping to bring that to tables as well.