Replace document with another doc, but preserve sharing

Before I enter this in the suggestion box, I thought I’d plumb the oracular wisdom of the community first.

A few times, I have gotten an error in my current document so pervasive (“Oh no! Something went wrong!” page) that I have to stop working in that document and resume working in an earlier version. However, Coda copies that earlier version into a separate document. I’d like to be able to reconcile the changes in the backup earlier version with the version that caused errors. In part, this is because while the error version is shared with an entire team, the earlier version is not, and resharing presents a change management obstacle in a situation where the team is already paying the cost of switching by using Coda in the first place.

Essentially, I think I’m asking whether anyone has figured out a good branching/commit workflow that preserves sharing privileges and allows what amounts to staging and production areas in the document.



Dear @Samuel_Davenport,

I 100% agree with you and suggest to move this to the suggestion section :bulb:.
@mallika would you mind to share this subject with your teammates.:bangbang:

Although I am not sure if copied or not, also the automation and packs settings should be considered.

Jean Pierre

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Shared this with the team. It makes sense to have a “revert” option in history and it is something we want to get to.