Branching / merging docs like in Git

Is there a way to branch and merge Coda docs like you can with files in Git?

I know there is the Coda history, and that when I restore a previous version it makes a copy of the doc.

My usecase is I have a doc that I make for several of my clients, populated with their info. Occasionally there’s a new table or formula or feature that I add for someone, and I want to be able to merge that back into my default template.


Ooh, that would be nice… :wink:


Yes I have the same use cases :+1:t2:

How did you make that link? Did you copy the URL, or did you link to the table/page itself?

What seemed to be the case for me is that the URL will persist with the old doc. while creating a reference using the table/view/page will keep the reference internal to the doc.

I’m putting the link text into a cell. You’re suggesting if I use the control-K ‘native’ link to a page it will persist? That would be great. I’ll try it.

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Didn’t know it was control-K, but yes. My new thing for the day!.